Coffee Table / Chesterfield Seating Area, Hidden Shelf, Tray & Storage Boxes

Coffee Table / Chesterfield Seating Area, Hidden Shelf, Tray & Storage Boxes

This coffee table came to us as a commission, it was very dark wood, with a glass drop in top.
Our customer wanted the glass removed and a top added but at the same time she was asking to have a coffee table with a Chesterfield top but also use as a table top..
So after going to the drawing board we came up with a genius idea.. We built a hidden shelf and added a lid which could be opened on a large thin piano hinge. We also thought we would build a shallow extra large tray which would fit under the lid within the hidden shelf..
This would allow our customer to use it as a seat (we added reinforcements on all 4 sides) or lift the lid via a tab, remove the large tray and use it to serve drinks or canapés …
With the open gaps on the side, our customer asked whether we could add a few storage boxes, so we added 3 boxes and followed the chosen colours and design.She wanted the table, tray and boxes to have a ombré finish from light to dark.
I achieved this using
Fusion colours are little lamb, soapstone & ash
Re-design with Prima


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